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Pilot Plot

Signage Program (2018)

Granite City Art + Design District, Granite City, IL

Client Collaborator:     Chris Carl, Studio Land Arts

Granite City, Illinois. A vacant site that sits blocks from US Steel's headquarters teems with native plants and insects, manages stormwater, and juxtaposes the built — and subsequently unbuilt — landscape with the unexpected: ecological function and design. This intervention by Studio Land Arts is supplemented by signage I designed to alert the casual or attentive visitor to what has been activated here in relationship to stormwater, native plants, pollinators, and habitat. The signs were installed in May 2018.

IMG_8560_color select.jpg
05_native plant habitat_reference image.
IMG_8559_color select.jpg
IMG_7080_horseback trophy_cleaned up.png
IMG_7076_band marching trophy.png
01_urban infill_reference image.jpg
IMG_8564_color select2.jpg
ABlatter_ 6 signs at once.jpg
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