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Dunn Ranch

Landscape Architecture Internship (summer 2017)

Washington University in St. Louis + The Nature Conservancy collaboration

Advisors:           Jesse Vogler; Doug Ladd; Dr. Rod Barnett

Collaborator:    Eric Kobal

Research doc:  Seedings and Samplings

Once primarily grazing land for livestock, Dunn Ranch under The Nature Conservancy is protective of and expansive upon an extant patch of native tallgrass prairie — an ecotype of which less than 1% of its original extent remains in the world.


With 3,200 acres now in conservation, Dunn Ranch is a critical demonstration and research center in the Grand River Grasslands and beyond. Through a collaborative internship between The Nature Conservancy and Washington University in St. Louis, the work of the prior semester’s landscape studio was continued with site research for a future field station, then encapsulated in an edited volume.

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